Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Hesham Shehata, 2016-2018 (Research Scientist at Gilead)
  • Shahzada Khan, 2013-2018 (Research Scientist at Gilead)
  • Martin Trapecar, 2014-2017 (Postdoctoral Associate at MIT)
  • Emily Deal, 2012-2013 (Senior Scientist at BD Biosciences)
  • Chaitra Marathe, 2011-2012 (Biosample Operations Manager at Genentech)

Graduate Students

  • Benjamin Cohn, 2011-2016 (Market Researcher - Independent Contractor at BluePrint Research Group)

Research Associates

  • Julie Luong, 2013-2016 (Content Editor at Biocompare)
  • Erik Woodruff, 2014-2016 (Master of Engineering Student at University of California, Berkeley)
  • Timothy Borbet, 2013-2014 (PhD Graduate Student at New York University)
  • Joey Pham, 2010-2013 (Medical Student at Rush University)
  • Ashley Hughey, 2010-2012 (Data Specialist at BioCentury Publications)
  • Munir Mosaheb, 2008-2010 (PhD Graduate Student at Boston University)

Administrative Assistants

  • Malu Robles, 2014-2017 (Administrative Assistant at Nektar Therapeutics)

Student Interns

  • Joash Lake, Summer 2018 (Undergraduate Student at Pennsylvania State University)
  • Ernst Pulido, Summer 2017 (Undergraduate Student at Diablo Valley College)
  • Santiago Trainor Moss, Summer 2016 (Undergraduate Student at The University of Glasgow)
  • Miles Oliva, Summer 2014 (Undergraduate Student at Columbia University)
  • Ray Childers, Summer 2014 (Student at Lowell High School)
  • Serena Chow, Summer 2011 (Student at Abraham Lincoln High School)